Welcome to SnipperApp 2 Documentation!

SnipperApp has a solid amount of features. We wrote this documentation in order to help our customers get the best experience when using the app.

It covers hotkeys, usage workflows and some tips to get a max of it.

Target audience

SnipperApp 2 is a universal developer tool, built for software engineers and computer science students. There are multiple workflows in which it can save your time, help you in your job, and even boost your performance.


Usually, it's used for storing snippets of code you either want to save and reuse later, or even just to save something you find really cool. However, this is not the only use case for it.


SnipperApp 2 was inspired by Apple's Notes app. Based on the customers' feedback, SnipperApp is often used as a notetaking app too. And it perfectly makes sense, since SnipperApp 2 has a full Markdown support, which allows you to write any kind of personal or working notes, todos, etc.

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