Tips and Tricks: Using SnipperApp 2 with GitHub

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Many programmers, engineers, and computer science students use GitHub as their primary source of code storage. There is the possibility of anonymous storage, sharing information with colleagues and using repository. However, not all users know the tricks and tricks for daily use. Even understanding of work process can still seem a little mysterious - there are a lot of things that are invisible to the eye. The GitHub command line does not provide a visual interface in order to show which branch you are on, or when you last downloaded the master branch. In this article we will describe some tips tricks that make life easier with Git repository.

Install SnipperApp 2

You need to install the application to work with the text parts. It is a lightweight and intuitive product for everyday and commercial use. Here is a short review of what you need to know before installing it:

  • It supports GitHub Gist storage;
  • You can sync and manage gists;
  • Display invisible characters;
  • Syntax highlighting for more than 120 languages.

The basic version can be tried for free. Familiarize yourself with the functionality and personally test all the features. The application has many convenient options.

Tip 1: Offline Coding

Now most people do not experience the same problem with the Internet as they did a few decades ago. But you can still be in an unpleasant situation when losing Wi Fi and the connection with repository. Now this is not a problem. SnipperApp 2 is the offline-first application. You can work without an internet connection and create your gist. All changes can be synced to iCloud and GitHub once the internet connection is restored. Not a single line of git code will be lost.

Tip 2: Use GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode

Markdown is important for creating snippets comfortably and efficiently. It allows counting on comfortable creation of app sections in any programming language. The plus is that you can implement the technical git features of upcoming projects more efficiently. And you can always slack paste code or paste comments if you want.

Tip 3: Give Commits Useful Names

Adding a commit message is optional when committing files, but most companies expect you to add it. Make life easier for yourself and others by naming commits so that you can figure them out later. "Changing one line" is not a very useful message in your repository. “Adding a test to endpoint new contact information” provides more info. Code review comments matters.

Tip 4: Use GitHub private gist

This is a good option to make a restriction in terms of privacy. Some gists can be stored offline or provide access to colleagues on request through GitHub repository. This application usage format is especially important for expensive commercial projects where information leakage is tantamount to fiasco. Each private gist with comments is easy to edit online.

Tip 5: Sort files by folders

Usually, most users keep the gists, and comments in a chaotic manner on their Mac device. This is fundamentally the wrong decision. With a large number of files and projects, you simply get confused in your own entries. Create a git gist for each project. Moreover, you can distinguish between personal histories and shared files. Add to the public domain the data that you are ready to share at the moment. Make own git code snippet repository for fast work.

Simple tricks

Here some more interesting features that will help you in working with the github repository. They relate to a greater extent to the technical capabilities of the application and are aimed at simplifying the performance of your device. Tricks may seem obvious, but without it, working with github would be less effective. Even adding new items to your repository can be quickened and simplified. Follow all the tips to make working with github more comfortable. The application is adapted to use hotkeys. It is important for the systematization of similar processes.

The Git storage check

When you are in the section with all the git snippets or in a separate folder, you can find out the location of the file. All your gists are marked with a distinctive badge. This is convenient for quick searches. Quickly edit your files before submitting to the github repository and add some comments.

Use preview mode & syntax highlighting

GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode is an integral part of SnipperApp 2. You can easily prepare all files for upload to the github repository. It is worth noting that the application supports more than 120 programming languages with syntax highlighting. Work more comfortably with your repository and make a minimum of mistakes. Work with git files easily. The application works correctly with 120 programming languages. Workflow organized as simple as possible. Unified interface allows you to deal with hot keys quickly.

Many people work with the GitHub repository and create large projects with thousands of pages of characters. All this requires attention. If any parameter is missed, then the entire GitHub project will be doomed to a lot of errors. But not everything is so sad. The functionality of the application is sufficient for comfortable work with the repository and error control in the finished fragments. It’s convenient if you work with repository.

Display invisible characters & use showing of line numbers

One extra character or error in a git snippet can cause a malfunction of the entire project. Always display invisible characters so as not to miss the tiniest bugs. This will allow you to upload your project to the github repository on time. Visual line numbers is also convenient for daily work. This allows you to quickly enter text and focus on git tips.

Copy option

Copy to clipboard option is a reasonable decision when developing a git project. A separate key simplifies working with the files and avoids false keystrokes. Now you can concentrate on work and upload proven projects to the github repository.

The Conclusion

This application is great for active programmers and computer science students. The functionality of the program is enough for comfortable work with various github projects. You can upload files to the repository and synchronize work with colleagues.

Extensive text formatting, built-in blocks in regular notes, custom themes and keyboard shortcuts are great for programmers with large GitHub projects.

When you paste characters into git notes, the application automatically highlights the syntax. Or you can manually select the syntax highlighting language that will be applied to any block of symbols. It’s essential for GitHub projects. These git tips can be useful to work with repository. Thanks to this application, you can quickly upload finished work to the GitHub repository.

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