Speed up development with code snippets in SnipperApp 2

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Developing code is a lengthy process, especially if you need to build applications from scratch. Let’s speed up the process with ready-made code blocks! They are called snippets. Create basic shortcuts for future use. The pros are obvious: you get a tool for creating code snippets. Change a few variables and add a finished markdown code blocks. All this is possible with SnipperApp 2.

What is SnipperApp 2?

It’s an app to create snippet shortcuts. It is a product for Mac devices with a user-friendly interface. Create code snippets using syntax highlighting. The app has Markdown support for 120+ programming languages. Its lightweight GUI is easy to use. It’s a multifunctional snippets tool you can use for coding, work shortcuts, and todos.

Code Storages

Use your local Mac storage for greater security, or use iCloud to keep snippet code online. Here’s also GitHub sync ability. Create gists and upload them in one click. This is convenient if you travel frequently and need remote snippet storage. All types of code storage are shared in the file system. It is convenient for quick search and cataloging. Create your code snippets easily. Follow these steps:

  • Open the app;
  • Make your snippet;
  • Choose the storage;
  • Profit.

Great Editor with Code Syntax Highlighting

Creating code snippets requires comfortable conditions. One mistake can destroy the entire project. Use the highlighting option and the font customization for your snippets. The application shows code line numbers and invisible characters. Save snippet in local storage.

Andrii Teologov Software Engineer and Indie Maker