SnipperApp 2 vs QuiverSnipperApp 2 vs Quiver: pros and cons of these snippet managers

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Every programmer, engineer, or computer science student works with code and takes notes. Sometimes it's just a few lines of variables, but some snippets are especially important for future projects. Notebook notes can be integrated into new code for the app since some of the nuances are similar for many software products.

But keeping notes on a laptop should be organized. It is desirable that the note editor for mac has markdown support. Then working with the app on your notebook or computer will be much more efficient and comfortable. There are many apps that allow you to store notes for later use. Today we are going to take a look at Quiver b SnipperApp 2. These two software products have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's get down to analyzing these notebook mac editors.

As the article progresses, you will find out which option might be better for taking notes and performing specific tasks. This is extremely important because each person writes code or takes notes differently and wants to standardize the entire workflow for maximum efficiency. We took into account all these nuances and provided you with an honest overview of all the possibilities that may be of interest to you.

We will tell you about each application first. Then we will compare all the functionality and recommend certain features that you should try first. This will allow you to determine what you are ready to purchase in order to organize your notes and count on the efficiency of the working day.

Quiver app advantages

Quiver app was originally conceived as a common note editor for notebooks. But already in the first year after the release, the app received a number of updates. Quiver works with five types of cells. These are data sections that can store regular notes, code for apps markdown data, and support syntax. Also you can use Quiver Past Notes to work with tables.

In addition, Quiver notes are suitable for working with popular programming languages. Your Mac notebook can be turned into a repository of markdown snippets. Quiver has a simple interface and a convenient section for previewing notes. Working with notes in Quiver is automated thanks to hotkeys. You can do a markdown note and save your work quickly.

You can also use it in your notebook like a wiki. This notebook app can bundle multiple notes into one archive and allows you to switch between markdown snippets on a mac. Quiver supports the mode of creating mac notes in the editor and searching for markdown snippets in the archive. All notes in this application are divided into several categories. Also, you can use this notebook editor to find mac markdown notes.

Quiver also supports a tab with favorite Mac notes. You can quickly find them in the editor or create new notes. Quiver is aimed at notebook users who want to take markdown notes. The notebook application supports three modes for notes. Quiver can be a compact editor for mac notebooks and switch to the markdown preview pane. The third option is the ability to open two editor windows for parallel editing of notes. You can also use Quiver to compare notes in real-time

You can use the Quiver to auto-save your markdown notes or work as a team. You can use Quiver Editor while traveling in your notebook. An editor with markdown support is convenient for revising notes. Quiver is also a lightweight app.

SnipperApp 2 app advantages

Now let's take a look at SnipperApp 2 note editor and its user experience for mac notebook. If you do not draw a direct parallel with Quiver, then this note manager has a tab size customization, which is especially convenient for creating snippets. The app also has syntax highlighting for more than 120 languages. This moment is convenient for notes that you are going to use in other projects.

Any programmer will appreciate this list of benefits:

  • Dark and light themes
  • Showing of line numbers
  • Display invisible characters
  • Font customization
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode
  • Share snippets via a secret link

SnipperApp 2 is perfect for taking notes on your laptop. You can organize convenient storage of notes into folders. Search for a specific snippet or note is available by hashtags. The design is adapted for any notes and work tasks.

This app has synced with iCloud and GitHub Gist. You can share notes with your colleagues or friends. Also, you can connect to your account and edit notes anywhere.

The application allows you to add photos to your notes and use the universal menu bar. This is especially useful when you are working on a notebook. The backup system allows you to rollback if you have deleted or changed a note.

SnipperApp 2 has a lot of convenient settings for customizing the interface and creating a convenient environment for generating notes. You can save a lot of time and even test basic functions for free. The subscription system will allow you to choose the option that is most suitable for the east.

Also, you can try the free version to see what features you are ready to use. This is a very good option because a quality product can be tested personally and find out which notes are most convenient for you to create here. There are also quite a few keyboard shortcuts that you can use to speed up your workflow. Then your notes will be created much faster.

The direct comparison of SnipperApp 2 and Quiver

Both options have good functionality and are designed for a wide audience of users. If you have a notebook and want to take notes, then this can be done with any software product. Quiver relies on a grid system, while SnipperApp 2 allows you to create notes in any format.

Quiver has no direct goal of focusing on app developers and offers note-taking for other purposes as well. SnipperApp 2 is built by developers for developers. There are a lot of settings, additional functions, and useful options for automating notes and snippets. But regular users can also create their own notes here.

Both software products have a number of positive qualities that are suitable for note-taking users. You can work with code snippets and save them on your device. You can also install both on new or old versions of Mac OS. This is very convenient since not everyone has modern equipment. Also, you can import various files, attach photos to yours taken there and create notes with different information.

It will be convenient for you if you create similar code sections with minimal editing. Another plus is the presence of graphic themes that can be changed depending on the time of day. This will reduce the strain on your eyes and even help save some battery power. Both options are flexible so you can customize the entire note-taking process for you.

Why SnipperApp 2 is better?

An untrained user sees what is on the surface. This is the ability to take notes. But the main advantage of SnipperApp 2 is the usability for those who write code. There are a lot of convenient options here like tab customization, syntax support, and full synchronization with the GitHub Gist. The competitor does not have these capabilities.

You can upload your notes and any gist to GitHub and share your knowledge with the community. It is also a good option for sharing notes with colleagues. Another plus is the free version. It has a number of limitations, but it allows you to test the product and see all its benefits.

Even a notepad is fine these days for taking notes, but what if you want some advanced coding functionality? Then you don't want to compromise and buy what you haven't tried yet. Quiver prompts you to pay the money right away, while SnipperApp 2 is ready to give you an informed choice.

This application is optimized for many versions of the operating system, so you can count on taking notes without any software glitches or inaccuracies. It is also a good option for those who need a fully automated product that is designed for those who write code. Each function or interface element is designed to shorten your daily work time. This is exactly the product that will allow you to free up more space and time for your daily activities. All notes can be stored locally or synchronized with various services to reduce the time for delegating authority to your friends or team member.

You can also count on smart snippets & note filtering. This is very convenient, especially when you don't have a lot of time to search for data. Full-text search is another thing without which the user's life will not be so easy. If you want to be able to quickly work with notes and implement your coding skills, then SnipperApp 2 is a good option for you.

It is also worth noting that the competitor's application sometimes does not sync files well through iCloud Drive, this does not happen so often. But you would not want your work to stop due to any software glitch. In the case of SnipperApp 2, there are no such problems and the synchronization of notes occurs as correctly as possible.

Of course, the specific choice of the application depends only on you. Nevertheless, you should focus on the advantages that we described in the article. They will allow you to choose the option that suits you best for creating notes with code or other information. Also, you should choose a product that is more affordable and more optimized. Ultimately your workflow and personal comfort depend on it. We recommend that you carefully look at all the characteristics and choose exactly what deserves attention. Try the SnipperApp 2 free note version to see if this good product will suit your daily activities.

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