Snippet manager on macOS. SnipperApp 2 or Atom: what to choose?

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Choosing a good snippet manager for macOS is a difficult task. You need to consider all the nuances and features of the applications. Free editors have a number of disadvantages, and paid versions do not always correspond to the proper level. Let's look at mac code snippet app SnipperApp 2 and Atom as two options.

Atom: an app with modifications

The Atom text editor was developed by the GitHub team. The main convenience of Atom is integration with GitHub. The Atom has a large community and many packages. The peculiarity of the Atom editor is that it is built on the core of the Chromium browser, but highly modified is still a text editor that can write a file or run a local subprocess, not a browser. The authors made each open program window a local web page. Atom is using the latest Chromium code.

Various Atom extra packages can improve and complement the functionality of the program. The basic version is a text editor, not a full-fledged IDE (without packages). You need to install Atom packages in to adapt the application to your tasks. If Atom extra packages are unofficial, then they may contain bugs. Get ready to test multiple packages. The Atom download package function can be useful if you know precisely what to search for.

Atom places users on various modifications. Atom interface is simple to start coding. But Atom does not have tools for refactoring Python snippets. Also, the automatic snippet alignment is not very accurate in Atom. Packages need to be customized. Do not rush to connect all Atom packages. You should choose popular Atom packages with support. All new Atom packages must be previously tested.

Instead of editing a single JSON file, you have a graphical user interface everywhere in Atom. The settings of Atom are completely separate from the extensions, each of which has its own page. Basic Atom package can be better if you will download modifications. Main editor Atom con is that you can view Atom errors only in a new window.

Bear in mind that Atom is an open-source project. It can become your app to test different things. After you form the spectrum of your needs, you can change Atom to a more professional and niche option. Familiarize yourself with the features of Atom program before installation.

Additional Atom packages can partially correct a number of Atom flaws. The app uses a lot of operating system resources. The standard Atom design has to be improved with new packages. Get ready to spend some time looking for the right Atom packages. Programmers can use packages in Atom to get new options.

The SnipperApp 2

SnipperApp 2 is a modern snippet editor. It is created to help engineers in their daily work. This app is a good addition to Atom. You can save your notes, and code parts you would like to reuse or share with someone. This manager has a balanced combination of paid and free options. The main thing is a lightweight design and performance. You can comfortably use the program even on older Mac devices.

It will be an excellent addition to Atom. The editor supports more than 120 programming languages. It is worth noting that SnipperApp is a native application developed specifically for macOS. It is well optimized and consumes fewer resources. You do not need to wait long for opening large files. The whole workflow is comfortable and fast.

You will not find packages as in Atom, because all options are build-in. It is a fully-functional editor with support of GitHub code gists and iCloud. You can store snippets here. Syntax highlighting is convenient for previewing and editing snippets. Display invisible characters and use font customization. GitHub code snippets are supported. The app is easy to work with (like Atom). Local storage has a convenient search mode for folders, tags, and body text. You can bookmark and backup projects.

The main menu of the manager allows you to edit the syntax, track invisible characters, lines, and quickly save data in the cloud. Support for dark and light themes helps to work more comfortably at night. It’s the next step you should try if you like Atom. This option is supported for all available programming languages. Create snipit on mac in one click.

SnipperApp 2 is easy to use if you are Atom fan. Large projects are easier to edit and save in the cloud. A separate section shows all the program hotkeys and a description of what they are responsible for. Each hotkey can be rewritten to other keyboard shortcuts that are convenient for you personally. SnipperApp 2 doesn’t need packages. It has all functions from the beginning.

  • the support of more than 120 programming languages;
  • modern lightweight GUI;
  • syntax highlighting;
  • the markdown support.

The bottom line

SnipperApp 2 is a modern snippet editor. It gives you a lot of options after installation. The theme and general functionality are convenient for working on a large number of projects. Here you can use iCloud sync and open large projects. An Atom has many functions you can try to experiment with. But you will have to spend some time looking for packages.

The compatibility of some packages is limited, so you should know that. If you like the Atom editor markdown than SnipperApp 2 will be the next step. It can be your main snippet manager if you don’t want to use packages in Atom. The Atom is an interesting app. Use Atom if you have preliminary experience in settings and modifications. It is a great start for beginners because SnipperApp 2 will give you lots of modern functions as a snippet manager. It’s a professional snippet app for all macOS devices.

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