SnipperApp 2 and Ulysses: writing code and notes

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Many people use Mac OS to develop apps. It has a lot of advantages. The only caveat is the need to choose the correct text editor (programming environment with). This is where Ulysses enters the scene.

Ulysses is a good notes editor. It’s not the application for coding, but it’s enough to save some notes & interesting ideas. It is an environment carefully designed for professional notes and other work. Ulysses is a creative instrument, balanced and charismatic in its own way. The notes app has its own file system, a huge set of keyboard shortcuts, the ability to add or split documents.

The Ulysses note app is divided into three functional sections. The first contains folders, the other contains active documents, and the third contains a notes block. The first lines of what was written are used as titles, which is disorienting at first. But the note system of labels and folders puts everything in the right place. There are also notes filters that can be used to set parameters for issuing files and sync it.

What tasks can be done with Ulysses?

The developers have optimized numerous notes shortcuts for use with a touch screen, and it is obvious that the larger it is, the more comfortable typing will become. It also has an online sync option.

The Ulysses app is based on pumped Markdown with the XL prefix. It has many options like tags, annotations, notes, and delimiters. You should not ignore them, but in the settings, you can add other languages ​​or write in clean, undiluted text notes. The same option is available for the preview and export options.

Nearby is the statistics menu: in addition to the usual counter of characters and words, a reading timer was placed there. The document structure tab is prominently displayed, as well as a reference page for those who have not mastered the capabilities of Markdown XL. Programmers will need a small paper clip in the upper left corner. It hides keywords, text notes, and a system of "goals." With its help, you can add the optimal amount of notes and watch how the pie chart is filled.

There is also customization of the Ulysses app style. You can change the pre-installed themes, or even create a new one. Users can turn on the dark theme and activate the typewriter emulation mode. In it, the active line is fixed in one of the positions:

  • Center;
  • Middle;
  • Bottom part.

The app is available not only for Mac but also for iPad. They sync via the web to work with notes anywhere and add text files.

For what tasks Ulysses is suitable for?

The most important thing for programmers, engineers, and computer science students is writing code. The Ulysses app has many convenient options. Also, the interface of the app is divided into three columns, just like in Evernote. The first is the folder library, the second is your notes, and the third is the notes box. Notes can be stored both on your computer and in Dropbox or Box. Or connect your iCloud account.

There are several buttons above the notes in the Ulysses app. With their help, you can share notes, view work statistics (characters, speed, and words), go through bookmarks, and add tags or files. Bookmarks are cool, especially for large text notes.

It is also worth mentioning the topics separately. In addition to the fact that you can choose between four standard themes, you can create your own by editing any element's appearance. And on the app site, there are several dozen more topics. Ulysses is the ultimate notes editor. It has everything a basic as well as an advanced user.

A great advantage in Ulysses is the control of the entire app interface. You don't have to take your hands off the keyboard when typing, not only when creating as such, but also when activating other elements. The key to everything is ⌘ button.

Ulysses users can note various tags associated with Markdown syntax. The latter is used in combination with numbers to control the app. With numbers 1-3, you can open one, two, or three panels to see only the notes editor and not the other sheets.

Press ⌘5 to display your favorite sheets. But the most interesting Ulysses option is the fast export tab (⌘6). You can convert notes to HTML, PDF, or plain text very quickly. You can use taking a copy option. Add files to the clipboard and continue working with it, save it somewhere, open it in another app, or send it. In the Ulysses settings, you select the note styles you want to format HTML or add text notes, so you have a document ready after export.

In the Ulysses app, you will also find features known from some other editors, highlighting the current line on which we write, or scrolling in the style of a typewriter, where you always have the active line in the middle of the monitor. You can also customize Ulysses color theme - you can switch between dark and light note mode (ideal, for example, when working at night).

The main reason to use Snipper App 2 with Ulysses

Ulysses is good for basic notes typing, and Snipper App 2 is perfect for storing snippets. You can create individual blocks of notes and sign them for easy retrieval. Snipper App 2 has an easy-to-use search engine, syntax highlighting, and support for over 120 languages. You can also count on sync with iCloud and GitHub Gists.

You should note that this symbiosis of the two applications allows us to separate the main tasks and add new features in your everyday work. Ulysses is good for the note work, while Snipper App 2 keeps all your snippets in one place. You will not have to get confused in projects and notes, as all notes will be organized and shared between the two apps. This is enough for taking care of organizing a convenient workflow.

Andrii Teologov Software Engineer and Indie Maker