Linux, Windows, macOS: what to choose for a programmer

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Most developers need convenient software, regardless of the choice of the operating system. The main criteria for each specialist are the ability to conveniently work with various epithets, create templates and ready-made fragments for every day. The choice of platform depends on your needs. What software products the programmer wants to work with and what ultimate goals he pursues.

If Linux (Unix) & Windows 7-10 systems have several similarities in terms of supported software, then Mac OS is more individual in this regard. For example, if you want to use Swift as your primary programming language, you will need to use software for the Mac OS System only. But don't worry. This guide can help many people improve their daily work and enjoy greater comfort throughout the day. We will talk about what is better to choose for developers or computer science students.

Linux: A Platform for Geeks

As you know, most Linux systems are free. Many developers use Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Fedora as their primary operating system. If you need to organize your workflow and save app samples every day, then you can use Atom markdown editor, Qsnipps or jCodeCollector as the main app. Each Unix program has approximately the same interface and several differences in terms of functionality.

In most cases, you can use some features for Linux Systems:

  • The tree structure;
  • The separate field for the name & tags.
  • The field for the app body & comments.
  • Code snippet html, php, etc.

This type of operating system has many options to choose from, and they are all about the same. Anyway, developers can get basic functionality even in paid versions. All this is because a large amount of apps requires necessary capabilities and file local storage. You can use official repositories or buy the required software products on websites.

Win10: The Mainstream System

It is the leading platform for programmers and PC users. It is also the most extensive field for selecting various Windows code snippet managers. Here you can find hundreds of software products with approximately the same functionality. For example, you can choose Visual Studio code snippets as the main app for saving your gists. Here is a convenient interface and support for about 37 programming languages.

Each developer can use an FTP server on this operating system to publish fragments on the network. You can also use gist.vim as an alternative. Here you can store your gists locally and save them for future projects. The choice of application depends on what goals you are pursuing and how convenient a particular application should be. Choose the best option based on your distribution model and convenience for daily use.

Mac OS System

Mac OS developers are often faced with the need to use apps for programming. It is a closed operating system that has its programming language. Developers can use the standard tools of the operating system and store text fragments separately or use special snippets software. For example, you can use Snipper App 2. It is a convenient application for developers that contain support for 120+ programming languages ​​and syntax highlighting. Thanks to switching between different color themes, support font customization, and showing line numbers, all developers can conveniently manage their code.

All you need is turning on iCloud on Mac, or connect to GitHub Gists. You can also use your local storage. As you can see, many applications allow you to work efficiently and use all the necessary functions to make your work more comfortable. Choose what suits you the most, and you can organize your work efficiently.

Andrii Teologov Software Engineer and Indie Maker