Interaction Sublime Text 3 with code snippet manager SnipperApp 2

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Sublime Text is a text editor for various projects. Initially, it has a fairly small functionality, but various plugins make it a good option for programmers, engineers, and computer science students. The built-in API allows Sublime to be indispensable while working on a lot of text code.

But what about storing a large number of snippets? They are often used for various projects. To do this, you can use SnipperApp 2 snippet manager. This makes sense because the application has several excellent features:

  • The support for more than 120 programming languages;
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode;
  • iCloud and GitHub Gist storage sync;

Local code snippet repository. If you often use Sublime Text 3, then SnipperApp 2 can be a great helper for you. Their interaction will help you work with the individual snippets package, as well as with full-fledged projects.

Interaction features

Sublime is an IDE editor that is good for projects and ongoing work. But sooner or later you will need a snippet manager. SnipperApp 2 makes it easy to complete projects because you can manage your snippets and quickly find individual app pieces.

Since tags or folders can found all snippets, you save time. SnipperApp 2 also supports the creation of snippets in 120+ programming languages. This is especially important if you are working on several projects at once.

Another good thing is the backups. You can play it safe and restore your data if something goes wrong. Another cool thing is that you can paste images from the clipboard to your snippet. It is very convenient for visualizing certain moments. A special menubar for snippets makes the search process elementary.

iCloud and GitHub sync is another great feature for your snippets. For example, you work with Sublime Text 3 at work and want to save several snippets. You can also consider it as a GitHub private gist storage. All you need is to synchronize them with any of the available options, thanks to SnipperApp 2. Having arrived home, you can save the required snippet and add it to your project. Here are some more great options:

  • Syntax highlighting;
  • Code review comments;
  • Showing of line numbers;
  • Display invisible characters;
  • Slack paste code.

In fact, this snippet manager complements Sublime and allows you to separate workflows. Users can work on the main project and periodically search for snippets for insertion and minimal editing.

What functions does SnipperApp 2 perform for Sublime Text 3?

First of all, this is an option of an independent storage snippet. You do not need to create separate text files and save them in separate folders to sort the contents. This snippet manager contains a convenient directory for organizing text files. The data is stored in a safe place, and you have the opportunity to organize a quick search for snippets by tags and network storages.

Font customization is another non-obvious point that is perfect for text files and snippets. You can customize fonts and make them more readable. This will allow you to find snippets and add them to your workspace quickly.

Insertion of spaces instead of tabs and showing of line numbers are also useful for snippets. The more comfort you get when creating text files, the more important snippets you can integrate into new projects. All this helps automate workflows.

As mentioned earlier, syntax highlighting is another great snippet trick. You can quickly read the code and find fragments that need to be edited. Thus, text files are easily imported into the main project in your editor. And don’t forget about git gist.

SnipperApp 2 does not currently have direct integration with the main app for work. This means that you have to manually copy the snippets and add them to your working place. Nevertheless, this is still one of the most comfortable solutions. It is largely due to the versatility of the snippet manager and the ability to edit the text to send to colleagues quickly.

Should I use SnipperApp 2 with Sublime?

Yes, you should. This is a good option for developers who need a place to store text files and snippets. Even many plugins will not replace a convenient application for storing snippets. This is especially convenient if you work with multiple monitors and large screen sizes.

In one window, you can work with the project, and in another, save snippets and text files. It is very convenient for everyday use. Even the interface of the two utilities can be adapted as much as possible for comfort. For example, you can choose a dark or light theme for the snippet manager and your text file editor. This allows you to choose the right working rhythm for creating and using snippets.

You should use ready-made private gist snippets and our manager if you want automation of many working moments. Even regular notes in text files can speed things up. Creating snippets has long been a habit for many engineers and programmers. When working with a project, you can separately store text files with ideas, small experiments, and ordinary snippets. Thanks to the great toolkit of the snippet manager, you are not constrained by any framework. The main plus is that all your work files are divided into two utilities. Modern realities tell us that it is impossible to find a 100% universal product. That is why you should separate the snippet manager and your main application for work.

The interaction of the two applications will give you more freedom in using snippets and programming speed. You should try this application interaction and make sure that they are functional. Snippets and the convenience of storing them is the first thing that any programmer should use. You will be surprised how conveniently and quickly you can access important parts for further work.

Snippets will help you copy parts and add them with minimal changes. The main plus is that you can try the basic functionality of a snippet manager for free and appreciate its versatility. Next, you can choose any comfortable format for use. Such freedom of action and acceleration of work is the main reason to try to combine the best qualities of both applications.

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