Free options you can use in a snippet manager

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If you are software engineers and computer science students, then you need a snippet manager. This is important because you need to store your code and GitHub gists somewhere. But most programs have an exclusively paid distribution model. Then how do you determine which gist code manager has the best features? Everything is simple. You need SnipperApp 2 to work with GitHub gists. This is one of the best code snippet managers on the market.

It’s even better than GitHub. Let's start listing all the app benefits:

  • Create snippets for Mac;
  • Excellent gist code block markdown;
  • The support of 120+ programming languages;
  • Work with GitHub gists;
  • Fast code snippet search;
  • Syntax highlighting;
  • Font customization.

Here you can keep code snippets to save the world. This free gist app can compete with many full-price projects in terms of functionality. Your snippets can be stored in local storage. This is important for safety. Now your gists are always at hand. The workflow is easy to organize thanks to full Markdown including the preview mode. Use this to daily markdown. Fast search is another great option. You can also track invisible characters and line numbers. Support for various programming languages will allow you to work with the syntax and change individual sections of GitHub gist code in a few clicks. It simplifies daily work and todos search.

What options are not available for the free version?

The free version is good for making GitHub code snippets at home. You can work in a comfortable editor, collect all snippets and optimize your work. Here is a list of restrictions:

  • No cloud storages (iCloud/GitHub Gist);
  • No drag and drop in folders;
  • No adding to favorites;
  • Limit of only 5 tags;
  • No backups.

You can only use your local storage to save the gist code or search blocks. Personal iCloud and GitHub Gist are available only with a paid subscription. The same goes for the drag and drop in folders option. You can still use your GitHub gists but on local storage (search it manually). The limit of 5 tags looks logical because home use does not imply a lot of snippet code every day. Take this app and don’t search any other apps wasting your time.

You can consider this version as a demo option, allowing you to evaluate all the possibilities before buying. Pay attention to the lack of backups. This means that you will not be able to use this option, as well as synchronization with iCloud and GitHub Gist. You will have to store and search gists on your Mac device.

The app pros for engineers and computer science students

The main advantage of this snippet manager is the ability to use advanced features. The nearest competitors do not have similar features or basic versions with markdown support and a great interface. SnipperApp 2 has full markdown support, the ability to create snippets and search in sections. Now you can easily organize your GitHub code snippets, todos, and other information.

You do not have to look for your GitHub gist code snippets throughout the hard drive. Organizing GitHub Gists in one place also has a positive effect on the overall health of each user. Use markup, markdown, syntax highlighting, and other snippet features to create snippet code for your projects. This version supports all 120+ programming languages and allows you to open the important GitHub Gists for you and search any todos blocks.

This snippet manager has light and dark themes support in the basic version. You can switch and choose the most comfortable mode to create a snippet code. All your work can be stored locally. You can search for it on your Mac. You can add new gists to your GitHub in a full version, and search it online. The markdown support and convenient snippet code search make this program indispensable. If the GitHub Gist and tag code search are not critical for you, then this is a gist code snippet application that can be used at home or at work. With code block markdown, the gist preview mode and syntax highlighting all your GitHub code gists will be perfect.

Andrii Teologov Software Engineer and Indie Maker