Choosing the right app to keep all kinds of code snippets on MacOS

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Most programmers, engineers, and computer science students work with various scripts, notes, and code snippets. It requires a convenient programming environment tools for macOS. Select a particular app that meets your needs. In this article, we will figure out How to choose the right code editor and save various text samples in one place. It’s not very hard if you precisely know what to look for. So, let’s get started.

Is it possible to find a free code editor?

You can find free code editors with lots of tools for MAC OS. Most of them are shareware but have several limitations. You can use Sublime text app, Atom workflow, and jCodeCollector. The Atom editor markdown is suitable for beginners. All these essential apps will allow you to save your code, make various notes, and to-do lists. Most of the functionality of all apps have standard features in terms of saving code, syntax highlighting, and other nuances.

The main problem is that all these applications are collect usage data. Alternatively, you can use Visual Studio add code snippet or Gist Vim. These programs are more reliable in terms of the safety of user data without updates. You can create text in the code editor and use various tools but there are no regular updates. All these software products have similar problems. It is worth noting that progressive programmers like to use all new software products & tools and receive regular system updates.

Vim, jCodeCollector, and Visual Studio will solve everyday problems, but a subscription-based model allows boosting software development. As an example, you can try to use SnipperApp 2. Free code snippet manager download will allow you to use all original text features like syntax highlighting, and markdown support. The application has a convenient interface, support for more than 120 programming languages, GitHub Flavored Markdown, and synchronization with iCloud. It means that you can store your texts and code snippets in the cloud. The basic version has many useful elements for free.

If you subscribe to a full version, you will get much more features, such as:

  • iCloud storage integration & GitHub Gists saving;
  • Restoring from backups;
  • Unlimited code tags and comfortable editor;
  • Add to favorites options, etc.

These additional tools & features are very convenient for a simple editor for making text fragments. Syntax highlighting editor is very suitable to create a new snippet to their collection. The Visual Studio also has several new parameters, but it does not have such an adaptation for MacOS. Also, use the text editor to switch between text code fragments quickly. Work comfortably, and you can store all the files both locally and in the cloud. It is a very convenient tool that will help you save time.

How to organize the code & scripts?

The code systematization is an integral work factor. A good code editor should have a convenient breakdown into folders and directories. With SnipperApp 2, you can share your local data, text fragments in iCloud, and GitHub. It is essential since many projects must be available locally or online. Depending on confidentiality or the need to divide the work into several employees, you can manage all your text data in this manager. Convenient code search allows you not to worry about the fact that you will spend hours on the manual search. Simplification of the search allows you to select and send files to colleagues faster.

Switch light and dark theme to get more comfort for your eyes. For convenience, the free version is that you can test all the features and app tools to decide for yourself a further purchase. Application settings will allow you to customize the process. Choosing this editor, you get a convenient interface with various settings that can be systematized and adapted to your needs. The convenient working interface allows you to work comfortably with multiple fragments and speed up the work. Now you will not lose an essential part of your work. This editor is compatible with all the latest Mac OS, so you can install it on your device.

You can disable synchronization with cloud services use this editor exclusively for homework. Thanks to the reliability of Mac devices, you can count on the complete confidentiality of your work. This editor also has a modern interface that is intuitive for beginners and experienced programmers. Your daily work will bring you pleasure and will be more effective. Choose the best software product to start working. The SnipperApp 2 and other apps can improve your productivity. Choose your app, and start coding.

Andrii Teologov Software Engineer and Indie Maker