5 ways to easily and efficiently manage code snippets

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If coding is your primary concern, then you probably keep some snippets for reuse. These code notes will help to create new sites, web services and various apps. The problem is that all your snippets are scattered on your hard drive. How to collect them all in one place? You can use Snipper App. This is important if you need to increase your productivity during the work day.

You will still need Google, because you always need new information. But a convenient snippet management application on your Mac device is always a good idea. You can systematize routine actions and work more efficiently. SnipperApp is more convenient than a dozen separate software products. Here you will find most of the features you need. SnipperApp is constantly improving in terms of functionality and networking capabilities.

Code snippets, meet SnipperApp

SnipperApp is a snippet manager that is designed for Mac OS users. This is a multifunctional tool that allows you to manage your code and organize data. You can mix text with code. Do copy-paste: there is nothing shameful about it. Many projects have sections of code with a similar structure. With individual records management, you can always return to previous work. You can store snippets in the public domain. It allows teams to manage code projects in one place.

GitHub Gist storage synchronization

Thereโ€™s no need to talk about the popularity of GitHub. Its Gist service allows you to save parts of the code for later use. Snipper App management tools allows you to sync with your GitHub account and access data. Now you can edit your gist code anywhere and share notes with colleagues. Gist supports multiple files, but the interface is very simple, and they are limited in function. Therefore, they do not even have a code browser. Snipper App easily solves this problem and offers a complete code management for storing, synchronizing and sharing snippets.

Plaintext code management

A regular text editor is not as convenient as a multifunctional manager. Your Mac device probably has a text editor, and you know that it is good only for basic code tool or notes editing. There are many documentation features, and file controls. You can switch between tags and folders. The app has syntax highlighting, and Markdown support. Plaintext code management is also available. The user-friendly management allows you to switch between code notes and make quick changes. You can sync with iCloud, GitHub or use the local code storage to keep your snippets safe.

Code notes

What do you see when working with code tools in a text editor? Itโ€™s only symbols in a row and nothing more. Snipper App allows you to easily create aesthetically pleasing code snippets and gist files. Itโ€™s affordable for terminal-based recording. A user-friendly interface helps speed up work and gets more time to optimize your code projects. The syntax highlighting also helps to work more comfortably with individual projects and make changes.

You can easily organize your work management and switch between notes. Syntax highlighting tools allows you to work with 120 most popular programming languages. Here you can see invisible code characters, and line numbers. Feel free to use tab size customization. The snippet app includes dark and light themes for ease of use. You can adapt your workspace, depending on the time of day. It will also help reduce eye strain during long sessions with code creating. With this app you can get:

  • Font customization;
  • Insertion of code spaces;
  • The preview mode.

The snippet app automatically counts characters, words and lines. You can copy your code to clipboard in one click. Itโ€™s great to make personal notes, saving snippets or TODOs management. This is convenient not only for programmers, but also for ordinary users who need to organize data in one place.

Update your notes everywhere

As it was mentioned before, you can manage your gist fragments and use GitHub storage. The iCloud sync allows you to access your data anywhere. The storage is well protected. It allows you to edit your code and make changes. If you want complete privacy, then you can use only local storage. Many people work in groups, and data exchange is very important for them. This app will allow you to exchange code notes (TODOs and any gist files), and edit them anywhere in the world as it support multiple storages.

Right now, most of the data is in cloud services like iCloud. It allows you to be mobile and gain access to your best practices anywhere. You can work in the office and then go to another country without your laptop. There is nothing to worry about your gist code work or file management. Use simple authorization on another device, and you can resume work. It takes you a few seconds.

Reasons to manage code snippets with SnipperApp

This snippet code app was created for one purpose: to make working with the code more comfortable. If you write code for projects of the same type, then you need snippets. They are difficult to organize in one place without the right software. This program is designed for people who want to work with text snippets and sort them into categories with management tools. With support for 120 programming languages โ€‹โ€‹and syntax highlighting, it will be easy to create template fragments.

The interface is minimalistic so you can get started to make your code better. Thanks to code snippet markdown you will not have problems with the workflow and code generation. Use gist notes and share the code with the github management team. The app interface eliminates the possibility of confusion. All parts of the code are shared on local storage, iCloud and GitHub Gist. Thanks to a quick search management, you can always switch between snippets and edit the code. Price is another advantage. SnipperApp has a subscription-based model. Each new update brings useful features to users.

The app is designed to automate the work and use ready-made code notes in everyday work. Here you can easily organize all your snippet notes and begin work on new projects. Consider this program your everyday code tool to get rid of routine work. You will not lose valuable information anymore. It will not be scattered into individual folders on your Mac. Having systematized all the contents in one archive, you will see an increase in the efficiency of your work.

Andrii Teologov Software Engineer and Indie Maker